Wilcox Limousines

Mercedes E-Class Limousine

Wilcox Mercedes Limousine Rendering

Our promise to the environment.

The Wilcox Mercedes E-class Limousine, the perfect pairing to the Mercedes E-Class Hearse, is available in diesel and petrol. Forward thinking, Wilcox has ensured that the vehicle is partially recyclable, and has been designed with environmentally neutral products where possible, delivering a fantastically reliable and sustainable vehicle.

Exterior Design

Wilcox Mercedes Limousine Side

Something for the pragmatists.

Its sleek carbon fibre body, 18” AMG alloy wheels and vast colour ambient lighting spectrum make it a substantial competitor in the Limousine line-up. The E-Class mild hybrid range is equipped with soft close doors, ensuring little noise and distraction. It is currently the largest limousine on the market: able to sit 6 people in the back with ample legroom in addition to the driver and front passenger.

Wilcox Mercedes E-class Hearse Lighting

Petrol / Mild Hybrid

Engine Type

4 Turbo


 Carbon Fiber

Body Materials

Wilcox E-class Hearse interior

A permutation of style

With 70yrs of experience, Wilcox have managed to distil true quality and design innovation. MBUX infotainment integration and conforms to high standards with high-quality interior materials, polished finishings and flashy technology. State of the art CAD engineering ensures reliability and durability by creating an intricate 3D model long before production even begins.

Mercedes Limousine Specs

2.0L TURBO 4 engine
Fuel type
Petrol / Mild Hybrid
2 wheel Drive
Number of Doors
7 Door
Carbon Fibre


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