Wilcox Limousines

Meet the Wilcox Family

Meet the Wilcox Family members at the helm of Wilcox; all strong personalities from varying walks of life and with a multitude of skills and passions. Their strong work ethic is deeply anchored within family values with care and a nurturing environment remaining central to their collaboration. Our deep connection with our past and the creation of Wilcox in 1948 is the fuel to our commitment to providing quality bespoke vehicles with accountability. Our goals are forever more ambitious with a long term outlook turned towards innovation and ever increasing quality. 

Meet LuLu Wilcox

Meet Lulu, the shining star of our team at Wilcox! Lulu isn’t your average employee; she’s our resident treat collector, cuddle connoisseur, and nap-time specialist. With a wagging tail and a heart full of love, she brings joy and comfort to our workplace every day. Lulu embodies the spirit of relaxation and happiness, reminding us to take breaks, appreciate the little things, and savour the simple joys in life. She’s not just a dog; she’s a vital part of our work family, making each day a little brighter with her charming presence.

Meet the Office Team

Our wonderful office team forms the organizational backbone of Wilcox. Away from the bureaucratic tasks, these committed individuals are often on the ground liaising with different parties and ensuring the smooth functioning of the company. Committed to providing the best customer care, organising projects and financing… These individuals are very often on the front line, with no issue or query too big!

Meet the talent that makes it all happen

Our team is a tight-knit group of passionate and skilled individuals who are dedicated to their craft. Many have been with the company for over 30 years, which is a testament to the quality of work and the positive work environment.We also have many apprentices who are related to other employees, which is a testament to the family-like atmosphere of our company.We truly enjoy what we do and the people we work with. Our team spirit, expertise and perspective helps us create vehicles that go far beyond just a good vehicle. We’re driven by the idea that the best work is born from diligence, craftsmanship and fun.

Meet those who came before

From our rich heritage stems the passion embodied by Wilcox team members. Without a dream and project created by our founder William and May Wilcox back in 1948, none of this would have been possible. A long story of hard work and devotion built the platform for today’s success.


Jade joined the Funeral Industry in 2013. Her background in healthcare as a nurse, with A&E and cardiology experience, has helped mould her naturally analytical and precise leadership style. She trained as a funeral director , gaining the nationally recognised NAFD Diploma in Funeral arranging, for which she was awarded the highest marks in the whole country. In 2017, Jade joined the family business while pursuing a Masters in Business at Warwick University, again earning one of the highest marks with a distinction. Since being appointed as Managing Director in 2020, Jade has won the company a grant worth £1M, launched 5 new vehicles, introduced new processes and systems, all of which have led Wilcox to claim the International Quality Awards in 2022. Jade has also recently been selected as a finalist for the National Business Women’s Awards 2022. Jade is devoted to her family both at work and at home.

Managing Director

Jadel Wilcox


Leila, Paul Wilcox’s daughter, joined the company in 2013 initially as a consultant helping to build a new website. This quickly materialised into Leila joining the company full time. Her previous experience of founding, running and selling her own businesses was indispensable. Leila helps with all aspects of the family business with a focus on sales.

Head of creativity and people

Leila Wilcox


Daughter of Peter Wilcox, Penny joined the family business in January 2024, after gaining valuable skills through diverse roles, including COO, MD & FD.  Penny is poised to continue her Father’s legacy, bringing a fresh perspective, both financially & operationally, to modernize the family business.  Outside of work, unsurprisingly, Penny has a passion for cars and, as her Father did, enjoys nothing more than spending time having fun with family and friends.

Head of Finance & Administration

Penny Wilcox


Louis has a holistic understanding of the exigencies of the funeral industry. In 1991, Louis adopted the role of a Funeral Director. Seven years later, he joined his father Peter at Wilcox Limousines as a sales representative. In 2011, Louis took on the role of Sales Director. Louis is a passionate car enthusiast, and can be found at car shows on the weekend.

Sales Director

Louis Wilcox


Paul Wilcox, winner of the 2022 SEIB Lifetime achievement award, followed his brother Peter’s footsteps joining the family business in 1971, and jointly taking the reins from their father Bill. Paul started in sales and marketing, progressing to CEO and is currently Chairman of Wilcox Limousines. Similarly to his nephew Louis, Paul is a car aficionado: he appreciates renovating classic vehicles and bestowing them a second life. When he is not in boardroom meetings you can find him sailing with his wife.


Paul Wilcox


In 1999, Geraint took on an electrical apprenticeship with a company building double decker buses. Alongside his apprenticeship, Geraint went to college where he studied city and guilds in digital electronics, maintenance electrics and high voltage installation. In 2007, Geraint joined Eagle Specialist Vehicles (Now owned by Wilcox Limousines) as an Electrician / Mechanical fitter. Over the years, he worked his way up to Development Coordinator, Aftercare Coordinator and now is Production Manager. With his many years of experience, Geraint took on the biggest challenge of his career, to develop new higher quality vehicles using original methods cutting down the processes of building vehicles to half the time.

Head of Aftercare / Bentley Project Manager

Geraint Rogers

Matthew Foster, a true Wilcox veteran, has been with the company for an impressive 20 years! His journey at Wilcox began at the Northampton site, where he honed his skills as a metalworker. Matthew’s dedication and talent were quickly recognized, leading him to progress from metalworker to charge hand, and ultimately to body in white manager. Now, he takes the helm as the Head of Northampton, overseeing the entire site’s operations. Outside of work, Matt enjoys the thrills of shooting, fishing, and cheering on his son as he dominates on the rugby pitch.

Northampton Leader

Matthew Foster

Tina Brown

Tina Brown, our Finance Controller, keeps Wilcox’s financial house in order. Joining us in November 2018, Tina has dedicated her expertise solely to the finance department. When she’s not crunching numbers, you can find Tina socializing with friends, hitting the gym for a workout, or tending to her beautiful garden or belting out a tune. She recently celebrated a milestone birthday by reaching the grand old age of 60!

Financial Controller

Tina Brown


In 2011, Malcolm joined the company as Southern Sales Manager. Over the years, he has built long-lasting relationships with his customers. It is not uncommon for Malcolm to go the extra mile in anything he is passionate about. In his spare time, Malcolm enjoys spending time with his family and volunteering for his local junior rugby club. 

Southern Sales Manager

Malcolm Brooks

Neil Carruthers

Like many of the Wilcox family members, Neil followed in his fathers’ footsteps and joined Wilcox Limousines in 2022. Neil is now the Northern Sales Manager for Wilcox.

Northern sales manager

Neil Carruthers

Leila Ben Slimane

As a multilingual marketing expert, Leila joined the Wilcox team in 2018 as a Translator. Over the years, her role has blossomed to cover all aspects of marketing from strategising to building websites. Her background in Business Administration focused on Marketing and International Political Economy has boosted her great market awareness, creativity in creating campaigns, and rich interpersonal skills. Particularly, she thrives in event organisation and videography. Her love for adventure has exposed her to diverse cultures she derives inspiration from.

Marketing Project Manager

Leila Ben Slimane

Amy Picton

In 2016, Amy began her journey with Wilcox as a manufacturing administrator. During her tenure, she pursued and completed a level 3 business administration course, which ultimately led to her joining Marketing in 2020. 


Amy Picton

Karen Turner

Karen Turner joined Wilcox in October 2017 and officially came on board in July 2018. Over the years, she has proven to be an invaluable asset to our team, wearing many hats and continuously expanding her skill set. Starting as an Admin, Karen has evolved into her current role as a Business and HR Administrator. Outside of work, she enjoys whipping up delicious meals and spending quality time with her loved ones.

Business and HR Admin

Karen Turner

Bill Wilcox

William, known as Bill was born in Bracknell in 1919 and showed an entrepreneurial flair from a young age. A natural born sales man his first job was a Hot & Cold Man which in those days was a tough sales job for a 15 year old.


William (Bill) Wilcox

May Wilcox
Travelling from her home in Wales aged just 14 to Warfield, working in a large Manor House, May was always going to create a success of her life. Anyone who knew Wilcox Limousines credit May for her constant drive & determination creating the business into the success it is today.


May Wilcox

Peter Wilcox
The eldest son of Bill & May, Peter joined the business straight from school in 1969, taking over as Chairman in 1975. Peter was a driving force behind making the business the success it is today but sadly passed away in 2011, he is greatly missed by all that worked alongside and loved him. 


Peter Wilcox