Wilcox Limousines

Meet the Wilcox Family

Meet the Wilcox Family members at the helm of  Wilcox; all strong personalities from varying walks of life and with a multitude of skills and passions. Their strong work ethic is deeply anchored within  family values with care and a nurturing environment remaining central to their collaboration. Our deep connection with our past and the creation of Wilcox in 1948 is the fuel to our commitment to providing quality bespoke vehicles with accountability. Our goals are forever more ambitious with a long term outlook turned towards innovation and ever increasing quality. 

Meet LuLu Wilcox

Meet Lulu, the shining star of our team at Wilcox! Lulu isn’t your average employee; she’s our resident treat collector, cuddle connoisseur, and nap-time specialist. With a wagging tail and a heart full of love, she brings joy and comfort to our workplace every day. Lulu embodies the spirit of relaxation and happiness, reminding us to take breaks, appreciate the little things, and savour the simple joys in life. She’s not just a dog; she’s a vital part of our work family, making each day a little brighter with her charming presence.

Meet the Management Team

Our wonderful management team forms the organizational backbone of Wilcox. Away from the bureaucratic tasks, these committed individuals are often on the ground liaising with different parties and ensuring the smooth functioning of the company. Committed to providing the best customer care, organising projects and financing… These individuals are very often on the front line, with no issue or query too big!

Meet the talent that makes it all happen

Our team is a tight-knit group of passionate and skilled individuals who are dedicated to their craft. Many have been with the company for over 30 years, which is a testament to the quality of work and the positive work environment.We also have many apprentices who are related to other employees, which is a testament to the family-like atmosphere of our company.We truly enjoy what we do and the people we work with. Our team spirit, expertise and perspective helps us create vehicles that go far beyond just a good vehicle. We’re driven by the idea that the best work is born from diligence, craftsmanship and fun.

Meet those who came before

From our rich heritage stems the passion embodied by Wilcox team members. Without a dream and project created by our founder William and May Wilcox back in 1948, none of this would have been possible. A long story of hard work and devotion built the platform for today’s success.