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Removal Vehicles

Ford Transit

Ford Transit

Designed to meet the professional needs of funeral homes, this Ford Transit Custom removal vehicle boasts a combination of functionality and discretion. The powerful 2.0L Diesel engine (ULEZ compliant) ensures reliable performance, while features like A/C, reversing camera with front sensors, and Apple CarPlay/Android Auto provide comfort and convenience during removals. The electric Wilcox double deck system maximizes usable space within the vehicle, allowing for efficient loading and unloading. Additionally, the metal bumper cover, adjustable and fixed stops, and stretcher clamps ensure secure transport. This discreet and practical vehicle is an ideal addition to any funeral home’s fleet.

Mercedes Vito

Mercedes Vito Select hearsette with its integrated new Wilcox electric double deck caters directly to the needs of the funeral directors. The electric deck silently and smoothly creates a two-tiered deck, maximizing capacity while maintaining a respectful environment for transporting the deceased. The Vito Select’s refined design and comfortable cabin ensure a professional presence throughout the process.

The New Wilcox Electric Double Deck

Our innovative decks streamline operations with universal stops for coffins and stretchers, eliminating the need for multiple equipment changes. Built with ruggedness in mind, the hole-free design minimizes potential damage, while the enhanced tracking system and heavy-duty bumpers ensure long-lasting performance.

  • High Quality Finish
  • Including new style stops that work for both coffin and stretcher.
  • Available for Ford Transit, Mercedes Vito, and other models.
  • Heavy duty metal bumper protectors
  • Ancillary storage or stretcher holding options


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