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Ford Transit Hearsette®

Robust, Agile and Powerful

The versatility of a modern and innovative design introduces further ground clearance and better balance all whilst retaining assertive agility: powered by its petrol or diesel motor. This, coupled with a spacious and dynamic interior, promises an all-around efficient driving experience.

The Deck

Wilcox understands the need for something that just “does it all”, and the Tourneo meets the brief. With this Hearsette® being the widest and longest on the UK market, there is ample space for use as a regular 5 seater, 3 person with 1 stretcher, 2 person and 2 stretchers.

In the event of a small coffin of up to 905mm, there is the possibility of two adults being able to accompany the coffin in the rear on either side of it. This offers true versatility and a respect for the bereaved’s wishes.

The multi-use cabin space is easily configured using simple lock-down systems and a foldable deck system. There is extensive storage under the deck itself and under seats, which are optional. The front cabin is well designed for taller drivers due to the space created by the construction shape.

Brilliantly optimised

The Wilcox Hearsette® deck is brilliantly optimised to provide flexibility and practicality for Funeral Directors.


  • The low deck allows the Funeral Director to roll stretchers on with little effort.
  • The seamless closing of the deck demonstrates technology with no compromise on design. Magnetic stops engineered into the deck ensure the folding bumper protector stays in place when folded.
  • Inserts optimised for coffin stops and stretcher clamps.
  • Ample space to fit two coffins side by side


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